Consultancy selected for green hydrogen project in Point Lisas

11 September 2020 2 min. read

London-based energy consultancy io consulting has been appointed by NewGen Energy – based in Trinidad & Tobago – to conduct a feasibility study for a proposed green hydrogen production facility in Point Lisas.

A joint venture between energy tech company Baker Hughes and engineering firm McDermott, io consulting specialises in helping energy & hydrocarbon companies make better decisions. Informing its service offerings is the vast pool of combined expertise from its parent firms, which makes it an attractive multifaceted proposition.

The latest in Trinidad & Tobago is a feasibility study for a green hydrogen facility – a plant where hydrogen is produced by splitting water molecules into their component elements. The electrolysis, in turn, is powered with carbon neutral renewable energy, and the only byproduct of electrolysis is oxygen.

Consultancy selected for green hydrogen project in Point Lisas

The hydrogen produced will be used to power an ammonia production plant run by the Trinidad Nitrogen Company – also known as Tringen – owned jointly by the government of Trinidad & Tobago and global chemicals company Yara. Tringen’s new plant will reportedly draw around 27,000 metric tonnes of green hydrogen.

The commission to set up the plant has been awarded to NeeGen Energy, which has selected io consulting to conduct the due diligence and feasibility evaluations. The consulting firm will also see what electrolysis tech is available on the market and find the best match for NewGen’s needs.

NewGen Managing Director Philip Julien highlighted that the project was a significant one in the context of Trinidad & Tobago’s evolving petrochemicals sector, and io consulting could be entrusted the responsibility. “There are significant and positive implications for this project. Once successful, the project will open the door to greener petrochemical products from Trinidad & Tobago, including green and carbon-neutral ammonia,” he said. 

“We selected io because they offered the best combination of expertise, deep domain technical know-how and an agile project approach which will bring a robust solution for the project,” he added. Both Baker Hughes and McDermott reportedly have long-standing associations in Trinidad & Tobago’s energy market, which gave them a strong foundation to build on.

CEO of io Consulting Richard Dyson expressed his excitement about being at the cutting edge of energy innovation in the country. “io is delighted to have been engaged by NewGen on this pivotal project for Trinidad & Tobago and to be a part of this innovative move towards energy transition,” he said.