Alorica takes home number one spot at 2018 AT&T Supplier Award

20 April 2018 3 min. read

Californian based Alorica has been awarded the top position in this year's AT&T Supplier Award. The communications giant bases the award on high performance and excellent service to AT&T affiliates in 2017. The award is bestowed on suppliers who align themselves with the company’s priorities and exceed expectations in the following categories; supplier diversity results, creative cost management solutions, teamwork, customer service, product/service performance and sustainability.

The global BPO provider’s teamwork and creative cost management solutions were among the major reasons why Alorica took the top spot. The company employs over 100,000 people in approximately 140 locations around the world. In Latin America, Alorica is currently operating across 9 countries: Antigua, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama and Uruguay.

The company prides itself on delivering “insanely great customer experiences,” which is due to it’s affinity for innovation and technology. Alorica also provides advanced data analytics, CX intelligence services and works as a systems integrator in multiple sectors including; healthcare, telecommunications, retail and finance. 

“Over the last year, Alorica aligned themselves with AT&T’s priorities and exceeded our expectations in helping provide for our customers,” said Susan Johnson, executive vice president – Global Connections Management and Supply Chain, AT&T Services, Inc. “Together, we delivered smart solutions and exceeded customer expectations. And we did it all with innovation and leading technology. The commitment and contributions of Alorica has distinguished them as our 2018 recipient.”

Alorica takes home number one spot at 2018 AT&T Supplier Award

In the past 4 years, the company quadrupled its annual revenue. Due to two successful acquisitions of West and EGS, Alorica has doubled both its staff and global presence. The acquisition of EGS gives Alorica a foothold in Latin America as have offices across Guatemala, Panama, Dominica and Mexico. “It also gave us the opportunity to truly become significant in Latin America.” said, Chris Crowley, Alorica’s Chief Sales Officer.

The step towards a greater presence in the region shows Alorica’s ambition for Latin America to become a cost-effective outsourcing solutions hotspot. Having been active south of the US border since 1999, Alorica offers multi-lingual services with a strong cultural proximity to businesses in the US. As much of Latin America shares the same time-zone with the US respective of the coastline, Alorica promotes streamlined solutions for in-country and nearshore solutions.

Andy Lee, the Chairman and CEO of Alorica said in response to the win; “It is an honor to be chosen for AT&T’s 2018 Supplier Award especially given AT&T’s vast global supply chain network.” 

“This award is a testament to the longtime commitment Alorica has made to AT&T to truly understand their top priorities, come up with innovative, technology-powered solutions and partner to create insanely great customer experiences together. Combining passionate people with the drive and talent to deliver strong performance lead to limitless possibilities and I’m pleased that our brand promise has allowed us to stand out even beyond the industry.”