MAS Global Consulting moves office in Medellín

12 July 2018 2 min. read
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MAS Global Consulting has moved to a new office in Medellín, Colombia. The consulting firm’s new office comes off the back of their recent announcement that they will double their staff to 50 professionals late last month.

MAS Global Consulting is a software technology firm which operates between two offices, one located in Florida and the other in Medellín. The firm defines themselves as a high value partner for Agile development and US/Latin American talent. 

The firm specialises in nearshoring – providing offshore software development solutions within the same time zone at lower costs – and custom development of Java, .NET, integration with third party/ERP applications.  

The consulting firm was started in 2011 by Monica Hernandez, a former consultant for Oracle Corporation. Since then, the company has grown to over 50 professionals in its Medellín office alone and the firm plans to grow its revenue threefold by 2020.

“We have already started a team in Bogota and are expanding efforts to other Latin America countries,” said Hernandez, who is currently MAS’s CEO. “We will likely have a staff of 200 by the end of 2020, with Medellín, Colombia being a key success factor for that growth.” 

MAS Global Consulting move office in Medellín, Colombia

Medellín has for the past decade been on the path to becoming a technology and nearshoring hotspot. The city has an affinity with innovation and creative problem solving which supports the growing talent pool and growing international interest in the city. “The geographical location has also helped strengthen the bonds that are so important to create top performing teams,” Hernandez said.

The new office is located in the idyllic Patio Bonito suburb of Medellín and boasts a modern space that will help the firm to attract and retain talent. The new space will provide a positive and energetic environment for the MAS team and enhance the customer experience that they have been known for since 2012. 

“As we celebrate our growth, we thank our amazing #Agile teams in North America and Latin America, collaborating in the same time zone to help our clients with #DigitalModernization, #SoftwareDevelopment and #DevOps needs.  Our talent makes all the magic happen,” the firm said in an announcement.

“We also thank our customers for trusting us every day with their most complex IT needs to win in today's Global Digital Economy, and for partnering with us, as one team, to bring successful business outcomes to their organizations,” MAS continued.  

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