Llorente & Cuenca pick up 12 International Business Awards at the Stevies

15 August 2018 Consultancy.lat 2 min. read
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At the fifteenth annual Stevie International Business Awards, Llorente & Cuenca have walked away with a heavy stack of awards: Twelve to be precise, including Company of the Year and two Public Relations Agency of the Year awards for Europe and Mexico, Central and South America.  

The Stevies are aptly named from the Greek word ‘crowned’ and crowned Llorente & Cuenca were this year. Although the award ceremony will take place next week in London, it has already been announced that the Madrid-based communications, public relations and management consulting firm picked up a number of gold medals.

Llorente & Cuenca’s Latin network spans the entire continent. With offices spread throughout Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Santiago de Chile, Quito, Miami, New York, Washington DC, Mexico City, Panama City, Lima and Santo Domingo, the firm is certainly a formidable force in the region. 

Furthermore, it operates in Cuba and offers its services through subsidiaries in Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. This network makes Llorente & Cuenca one of the largest consulting firms in Latin America. The awards further exemplify their commitment to excellence in the area, and prove that targeted consulting firms can grow to rival even the largest professional services entities. 

Llorente & Cuenca pick up 12 International Business Awards at the Stevies

Recognised for their public relations work in Latin America and projects throughout Spain, Central and South America, the firm has won awards for their work with companies including Bridgestone Tires and Coca-Cola. They have also gained significant influence on both sides of the Atlantic with their thought leadership platform Developing Ideas.  

The consulting firm tweeted, “We got good news from @TheStevieAwards! We won a total of 12 awards, including three Golds in Company of the Year, Public Relations Agency of the Year in Europe and Public Relations Agency of the Year in Mexico, Central and South America! #TheStevies.” 

The awards will be given a value and added together for the ceremony on the 20th of August to gain entrance into what has been dubbed the ‘Best of the IBA Awards’. Whether Llorente & Cuenca will receive one is unknown, however the consulting firm – which has just been named the ‘numero uno’ on the Mergermarket PR advisor league tables in Spain and has previously ranked  as the top communications consultancy for six years straight – may already have a full trophy room. 

The firm recently announced that Julieta Suárez has been appointed as Senior Director of Americas in the Llorente & Cuenca Miami office. According to the firm, the move is an important step in their growth strategy in Latin America and the United States. The firm has also been increasing their cross-Atlantic communication and personal development agenda, launching their Comms Community platform.