Blockchain event for entrepreneurs to be held in Puerto Rico

17 October 2018 2 min. read

The Puerto Rican government will hold an event titled ‘Blockchain and other Disruptive Technologies: The Competitive Advantage for Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation’ on October 16th at the Puerto Rico Convention Center. 

The event is being held in conjunction with a consortium of partners including technology consulting firm Dictum Futurae and their law affiliates, Dictum Puerto Rico, the Economic Development Department, and the Foundation for Financial Innovation and the Digital Economy (Fifed).

Throughout the seminar, the Economic Development Bank of Puerto Rico (EDB) will offer start-ups seed funding of up to $1 million, said EDB director Luis Burdiel. “It is vitally important that the business community is properly informed about disruptive technologies such as blockchain,” Burdiel said.

“This highly versatile technology was originally developed to register financial transactions with the Bitcoin digital currency. However, its design is conducive for use in all types of applications,” he continued.

Blockchain event for entrepreneurs to be held in Puerto Rico

The free event will be held in the Puerto Rican capital San Juan, and will discuss topics including blockchain-related regulations, new technologies and business models. The event will also touch on governance and digital identity, the functionality of smart contracts, and blockchain applications in emergency situations. The event organizers said attendees will have the opportunity to share their doubts and concerns with the speakers.

“We continue working tirelessly to support the efforts of small and mid-size entrepreneurs and to accelerate the economic recovery process of our island,” Burdiel said. “The event that will take place next week represents the ideal opportunity for hundreds of entrepreneurs who seek business opportunities in the area of blockchain technology or who want to incorporate it successfully into their operations.”

For the Dictum Group, technology is a key factor for entrepreneurship. The firm considers engagements between the private sector and tech entrepreneurs an important factor in driving growth and business development in Puerto Rico. The island has turned to technology and entrepreneurship to revitalize its struggling economy.

“Technology is a key factor for entrepreneurship and a determining tool in emergency situations, which is why the Dictum Group, together with its lawyers, economists and engineers, who are experts in the digital economy, will bring the latest advances in business development to the Puerto Rican public, as well as applications in real island cases,” said the CEO and partner of Dictum Abogados and Dictum Futurae and president of Fifed, Vicente José García Gil.

The Dictum consulting arm, Dictum Futurae, is a strategy and technology consulting firm specialized in digital transformation and Industry 4.0 technology. The firm’s Puerto Rican President Gerardo Carlo Altieri will attend the event alongside José Juan Mora Pérez, the co-founder and CTO of Kolokium Blockchain Technologies and the technology of the future analysts Montserrat Melguizo Rodríguez.