Visagio | Careers

Visagio offers a collaborative environment where capable people embody the company’s values and DNA.  Here there is space for innovation, with well-defined and clear targets.  Aligned with the concepts of daily learning and challenge, we attract and retain the best talent, offering them tangible opportunities so that together we build a story of success.

Visagio DNA

At Visagio, we are determined to offer the best solutions to our clients’ management challenges.  We seek to impact our society positively by offering technical excellence and innovation.

We believe that these are only possible in a team of good and well intentioned people. That’s why at Visagio you’ll find a collaborative environment where everyone finds opportunities to develop their potential and forge their own path.

Developing your potential

Our employees’ knowledge and skills guide their development in Visagio. We understand that all investment in training initiatives is worthwhile and guarantee access to them to all our staff.

Through our mentoring programme, we identify potential, work on self-knowledge and address areas for improvement.  We build a solid and transparent career plan, allowing employees to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Empowering woman

As a company and an active member of society, Visagio believes in the equal potential of men and women. We believe that in order to be successful, we must encourage and enhance the talent of every employee without any form of differentiation.

An environment that is designed to deliver, lead and grow together promotes equality and enhances each one’s strengths.  The constant transparency exercised between all levels of the firm encourages the empowerment of our women consultants, each one the star of her own stage and the author of her own trajectory.

Our culture

By being part of our team, you will have the opportunity to witness an excellent organisational climate.  After all, it isn’t just through techniques that one builds a good career!  From Day One, all are incentivised to share experiences and maintain direct contact with the other consultants, strengthening our collaborative network.

Our purpose is to be a platform that drives growth in each member of our group, so that everyone can make a real difference.  We are strongly guided by our values: to have talents with the highest technical knowledge, a high capacity for implementation, and an “owner’s mindset”.