São Paulo-based New Content acquired by Accenture

24 October 2018 Consultancy.lat 4 min. read

Accenture has entered into an agreement to acquire the Brazilian content creation and marketing agency New Content. The acquisition will bolster Accenture Interactive’s branding and strategy consulting practices by strengthening its client’s marketing programs. Financial terms of the deal have not been made public. 

Founded in 2007, New Content brings to the market a unique service offering which combines resources in strategy, brand building and performance marketing. The agency, which has more than a decade of industry experience, delivers for its customers on every aspect of the content lifecycle. This includes strategy and creation as well as production and beyond – technology, governance and content operations – which come together to create defined and compelling campaigns.

New Content and its leadership team, Giovanni Rivetti, Edoardo Rivetti, Beto Féres and Raphael Alcântara have grown to dominate their position within the market both at home in Brazil as well as throughout Latin America. The agency recently picked up a Cannes Lions a local Caboré award as well as having been named agency of the year back in 2015 at the Content Marketing Awards. 

“After more than a decade as a leading content partner for major brands, we are excited about the possibilities that Accenture Interactive will bring to our clients and people,” said the agency’s CEO Giovanni Rivetti. 

“As part of a larger global organization, we will be able to deliver our client campaigns with accelerated speed and scale, and support the ongoing evolution of our value proposition. Together, we’ll connect our content campaigns to the consumer’s overall digital experience journey, taking a data-driven approach that is supported by a strong technological foundation." 

From the consulting firm’s perspective, New Content provides a boost in terms of content creation and strategy. Accenture Interactive is pursuing market disruption within the global agency-dominated marketing sphere, and the move comes as the latest show of cards on the world stage – where consultancies have been seen entering markets outside their traditional home turf of management and accountancy. 

São Paulo-based New Content acquired by Accenture

Accenture Interactive have become known as one of the most aggressive in terms of mergers and acquisitions but they have not acted alone. The race for innovation, digital capabilities and creativity have drawn consulting firms, from McKinsey & Company and BCG to the Big Four and beyond, into the buying frenzy.

“We believe that engaging, meaningful content is a strategic foundation of marketing today and one of the most effective ways to connect people and brands,” said Anatoly Roytman, head of Accenture Interactive – Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. 

“Time is a precious commodity in the digital age, and consumers expect personally curated experiences from brands. When we connect our ability to create relevant content with innovative customer experiences and the intelligent use of data, it becomes a powerful combination for driving brand loyalty. 

New Content’s leadership team will remain with the firm though the transition to Accenture Interactive in Brazil, assuming new responsibilities within the firm. “Together, we will plan, create and deliver personalized and relevant experiences that will increase engagement and conversion across all digital and analog channels. Together, we will continue towards the new,” said the agency on LinkedIn.

Many of New Content’s clients are regional players either based in Brazil or with a heavy footprint in Latin America’s largest economy and include LATAM Airlines, VW and VIVO. The acquisition will allow Accenture Interactive – which has offices in Alphaville, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Recife and Vitória as well as their answers in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo – to expand their digital branding capacity throughout the Americas. 

Eduardo Bicudo, head of Accenture Interactive in Latin America, said; “The digital economy has caused a massive increase in the amount and importance of digital content as a vital expression of a brand’s voice and purpose. Our clients are under pressure to produce more content, with greater speed, efficiencies and scale. New Content’s capabilities will help strengthen Accenture Interactive’s differentiated model and help meet client demand for a more content-led experience approach.”

In other recent consulting industry M&A in Brazil, Mirow & Co agreed a strategic partnership with QVARTZ.