Llorente & Cuenca launches Comms Community platform

30 July 2018 Consultancy.lat

Llorente & Cuenca, the public relations, communications and management consulting firm has launched its latest professional development innovation, a network connecting LL&C professionals across Latin America and Europe.

Comms Community is a platform for personal and professional development with over 1,500 members throughout Spain, Portugal and Latin America. The network will help to promote social and professional development between Europe and Latin America. 

Llorente & Cuenca (LL&C) was founded in Spain and today the firm is still headquartered in Madrid. The consulting firm began operating in Latin America in 1998, when it first opened an office in Peru. Since then, LL&C have expanded into ten countries across Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States.

The new platform will help professionals on either side of the Atlantic connect and develop. According to the consulting firm, “the spirit of this project emanates from our founding manifesto that condenses our belief. We believe that the word is the most powerful tool of transformation created by man and that its good use creates the climate of trust and understanding on which progress is based.”

By improving the connection that LL&C professionals share, the consulting firm aims to solidify its employees’ – past and present – constantly evolving community. Keeping the network together allows for cross border innovation, promotes synergies and helps draw ex-LL&C staff back to the firm.  

Llorente & Cuenca launches Comms Community Platform

"Communication professionals must know each other, challenge each other and exchange visions. Only then will we raise the value of our profession and manage to transform it,” says Carmen Gómez Menor, LL&C’s Corporate Director.

Based on three functional areas, Comms Community will bridge networking, advanced training and career counselling. The career development sections will include executive led coaching sessions, networking with experiential meetings, generational meetings and special invitations to top level forums.

"We wish that all those who have been part of the company find in us support and a platform of momentum to achieve their goals,” said Director Talent, Marjorie Barrientos. 

Adolfo Corujo, Partner and Corporate General Director of Talent Organization and Innovation said: “The formation and development of knowledge are fundamental pillars of our activity. Sharing it among different generations, countries and sectors is a challenge we want to lead.” 

Llorente & Cuenca earlier this year posted a profit of $44.8 million, up 7.6 percent over the year to 2017. This profit reflects the firm’s ambitions to grow across Europe and the Americas and has enabled 2017 to become a year of senior promotions. The firm has recently added two new partners, given 20 percent of its staff promotions and hired Gerard Guiu of FC Barcelona as its international business development director.

José Antonio Llorente, the consulting firm’s founding partner said earlier this year: “2017 has been a good year for the company, seeing our growth remain at a sustained pace, something which we hope to keep achieving until doubling our turnover within the next five years.”

Brazilian airline Gol teams up with KLM-BCG partnership

15 April 2019 Consultancy.lat

As part of its strategy to digitize its internal operations, Brazilian airline Gol has teamed up with Dutch national carrier KLM and management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

In June last year, KLM and BCG revealed that they had developed an offering that helps airlines leverage technology to streamline their operations “in an unprecedented manner”. The two companies have been working together for over a decade now across KLM’s business, in recent years also focusing on enhancing internal operations through emerging technologies.

Among the projects deployed successfully to date are using internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) delivery, utilizing digitization to bolster back-office processes (crew resourcing, ground services, supply chain, etc) and using AI to optimize inter-airline network planning with Sky Team partners such as Air France (Frane), Aeroflot (Russia), Delta (US) and Middle East Airlines (Lebanon). 

Flyers, meanwhile, are reaping the benefits of this back-office digitization. Baggage delays – which often have a domino effect and create major headaches for thousands of passengers – have been reduced, flight transfer routing has been optimized for cross-border passengers and information provided has been personalized and tailored to individual customer experience journeys using digital channels. 

Having deployed the offering – branded as ‘Digital Airline Operations’ – successfully within KLM, the airline and consulting firm last year formally launched their offering externally. “Sinds doing so at the IATA-conference we have received positive reactions on our proposition from all corners of the globe,” said René de Groot, chief operating officer at the Dutch carrier company.Brazilian airline Gol teams up with KLM-BCG partnership

Brazil’s Gol has now become the first Latin American client of KLM and BCG’s joint venture. Commenting on the decision, Gol chief operating officer Celso Ferrer said, “We are delighted that we can work together on ‘Digital Airline Operations’. This will allow us to improve our on time delivery to our customers, while keeping our cost per available seat mile among the lowest in the industry. KLM and BCG have developed solutions in the field of advanced artificial intelligence and optimization that we can adjust entirely to meet our specifics. All in all, it will enable Gol to develop a strong competitive advantage.” 

With a fleet size of around 130, Gol is Brazil’s largest international airline, ahead of local rival Azul, and one of South America’s largest players. The airline carries more than 33 million passengers annually and operates 750 flights daily to 73 destinations in Brazil and in South America, the Caribbean and the United States. In comparison, KLM has a fleet size of around 160 aircraft, carrying more than 40 million passengers. The firm is however part of the Air France-KLM Group, which has a total fleet size of over 500 aircraft. 

“Based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics, we help airlines grow, accelerate innovation and streamline operations,” said Nicolas Boutin, head of the global Airline practice of Boston Consulting Group. 

Asked how the KLM-BCG offering differentiates itself from the many digital-led solutions in the marketplace, Dirk-Maarten Molenaar, a partner at BCG said: “We distinguish ourselves from standard IT suppliers by our focus on integrated planning & management, data-driven decision-making in the event of disruptions, the use of our tools by frontline teams and the development of internal digital functions to help improve services.”

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