Julieta Suárez named Senior Director of Americas at Llorente & Cuenca

09 August 2018 Consultancy.lat 3 min. read

Llorente & Cuenca has appointed Julieta Suárez a Senior Director in the consulting firm’s Miami office. According to Llorente & Cuenca, the move is an important step in the firm’s growth strategy in Latin America and the United States.  

Spanish-based Llorente & Cuenca is a consulting firm which specialises in communications, public relations and management. Born in Madrid in the mid-1990s, the firm embarked for the New World in 1998 with its first office opening in Lima, Peru. 

With Julieta Suárez joining the firm, Llorente & Cuenca hope to prop up their Latin American and United States businesses. Suárez has over 15 years of management and both internal and external communications experience for some of the biggest brands globally. She has worked with, amongst others, Microsoft, Visa and PlayStation.

Beyond technology and finance, Suárez has gained valuable agency experience in corporate communications and brands and has wide-reaching knowledge of Latin American affairs. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Portugese and has worked throughout the region.

Julieta Suárez brought in as Senior Director of Americas in LLorente & Cuenca Miami office

"I am delighted to be part of the Llorente & Cuenca team," said Suárez. "Given the agency's focus on multinational companies working in Latin America, as well as my experience in the agency and in the region, I am confident that I can play an important role in the success of our clients."

She graduated from Florida International University's College of Business and moved straight into a role as a consultant in drive train technology with Caterpillar with whom she had an internship. After a 3 year stint with the company, she joined Soiree Event Rentals as a Managing Partner and got a taste of PR before returning to Florida International University to complete a masters in Communications and Public Relations in 2009. Before joining the firm, she served with Alcatel, as the leader of strategy and communications for the Latin America region. 

"The incorporation of Julieta to the team is an example of the mentality centered on the client of Llorente & Cuenca," said Erich de la Fuente, Partner and CEO of the operation in the United States and the Latin American region. "Their experience and capabilities will not only be decisive for the growth of our company, but will also help our clients achieve their business objectives."

Suáres will be joining the firm’s American operation which spans throughout Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico and the United States. According to a recent press release by the consultancy, Llorente & Cuenca's Americas practice is now their most lucrative in terms of generated revenue.

The firm has also been increasing their cross-Atlantic communication and personal development agenda, launching their Comms Community platform. Comms Community is a platform for personal and professional development with over 1,500 members throughout Spain, Portugal and Latin America. The network will help to promote social and professional development between Europe and Latin America.